When you’re busy in the kitchen or rushing around serving tables, it’s easy to push the small stuff to the back of your mind. But you’d be surprised how much those little things can impact your guests’ experience, and this holds especially true when it comes to your restaurant’s bathrooms.

Now, the bathrooms might not be the star attraction at your restaurant (unless you’re really leaning into the “experimental dining” side of things), but they do play a big role in how your guests perceive their time there. Even the fanciest, five-star dining experience can lose its shine if the bathrooms aren’t up to par, so it’s crucial to make sure your restroom game is on point if you want your customers walking out with five-star reviews instead of just four.

Besides making sure your bathrooms are clean and well-decorated, there’s one more thing to think about – the type of toilet paper you keep in stock. It might not seem like a big deal, but you’d be amazed at how much it can affect your guests’ experience and how they view your business.

Not to brag, but over at Sweet Cheeks, we’re pretty sure we’ve created the ultimate TP. Our rolls bring together eco-friendliness, value for money, and a touch of luxury, making them the go-to pick for impressing your guests and keeping them coming back. Read on to find out more!

Sweet Cheeks 3ply Toilet Rolls on Toilet

1. Soft, strong, and kind to skin

When guests visit your restaurant, they’re looking forward to catching up with friends in comfort (while enjoying some mouthwatering food, of course). However, things can take a nosedive if they pop into your restrooms and find themselves stuck with overly thin, sandpaper-like toilet paper.

The kind of toilet paper you choose for your bathroom not only affects how your guests feel, but it also shows them that you care about their comfort. It’s something they’re sure to pick up on, subconsciously or not. That’s why choosing high-quality loo rolls matters – it tells your guests you care about their entire visit, not just when they’re eating. This leads to a better overall experience, a stronger reputation for your business, and more repeat customers.

Sweet Cheeks toilet paper is designed to find the sweet spot between softness and strength. Although it’s made from sustainable sugarcane, it’s just as strong as traditional wood-pulp paper, so no worries about it falling apart. It’s also feather-soft to the touch and fragrance-free, which makes it perfect for guests with sensitive skin!

2. Easy on your wallet

Whether you’ve been running your restaurant for one year or two decades, you’ll know that managing your budget can be like trying to walk a tightrope. You’ve got to juggle the costs of ingredients, bills, and staff salaries while also setting aside money in case of unexpected disasters like fires or floods. To stay in the black, it’s crucial to find ways to save without compromising the amazing guest experience your restaurant is known for.

With Sweet Cheeks toilet rolls, you can do just that. Our two and three-ply toilet paper rolls are super-sized, offering a whopping 400 sheets instead of the usual 200. That means fewer trips to the shops and more money in your pocket. You also won’t have to worry about constantly restocking your bathroom supplies, giving your staff more time for other tasks and making it less likely for your guests to end up paperless.

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Sweet Cheeks Row of Three 2ply Toilet Roll on Toilet

3. Super sustainable

Everyone’s talking about going green these days, and that goes for hospitality too. A 2020 survey found that people in the UK are getting more eco-conscious when they dine out, with many citing a restaurant’s green credentials as deciding factor in whether they’ll dine there.

Stocking our toilet paper in your bathrooms is a simple step you can take to improve your restaurant’s eco impact. Our paper is made from sugarcane fibres, a byproduct of the sugar industry, which means there’s no need to cut down trees or use loads of water during production. It’s also 100% plastic-free (including the packaging), so you won’t be adding any extra waste to the world.

Not only will choosing our loo rolls help you play your part towards a greener future, but it will also prove to your guests that you care about supporting the planet. It’s a real win-win!

4. Friendly to drains

Nobody wants to walk into a bathroom stall and discover a massive blockage, especially not in a restaurant. It’s not exactly the nicest sight after enjoying a big meal!

On top of this, dealing with blockages means shelling out for a plumber, which isn’t exactly wallet-friendly. The mess and disruption of repairs can also put a damper on your guests’ experience.

With Sweet Cheeks, you can say goodbye to toilet paper blockages once and for all. Our paper dissolves almost five times faster than regular toilet paper (just four seconds instead of nineteen), so you can relax knowing that even if your guests go a bit overboard with the TP, the odds of a clogged drain are way slimmer. This not only saves you from calling a plumber, but also creates a happier bathroom experience for all!

Restaurant Toilet Cubicle

Take your restaurant’s loos to the next level with Sweet Cheeks sugarcane toilet roll

At Sweet Cheeks, we’re all about improving your guests’ restaurant experience, saving you some cash, and helping you do your bit for the environment. If you’re ready to start enjoying all the perks our TP has to offer, have a browse through our range and discover the perfect option for your restaurant today!

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