Traditional toilet rolls aren’t exactly great for the environment. They’re made from wood pulp, which can only be produced by cutting down trees. This process can lead to deforestation, habitat loss, and high levels of carbon being released. Most rolls are also packaged in plastic, which takes a major toll on the environment when thrown out.

Making the switch to eco-friendly toilet rolls can be a small yet important step towards reducing your business’s environmental impact. Bamboo and recycled paper are both great options, but there’s one alternative that’s even better for the planet: sugarcane. Curious to find out why? Keep reading!


1. Tackles deforestation

Sugarcane is a massively renewable resource. It grows super fast, and it can be harvested multiple times from the same crop without causing permanent damage to the plant or its ecosystem. By making the switch to sugarcane-based toilet rolls, your business is actively doing its part to reduce the demand for wood pulp and protect our precious forests from getting the axe.

2. Reduces your business’s plastic waste

Most regular toilet rolls come wrapped in plastic, which takes decades or even centuries to break down. This means it sticks around to cause havoc for both humans and animals. Oh, and did we mention its massive carbon footprint? Yikes!

By switching to a sugarcane-based brand that’s not packaged in plastic (like Sweet Cheeks!), you’ll instantly slash the plastic waste your business generates, becoming a true champion in the battle against pollution.

Plastic Waste
good for the planet

3. Protects the ocean… and your drains

Sugarcane fibres are much shorter and less dense than wood fibres. Bacteria and other decomposers can break them down way faster, so there’s much less chance of them blocking your drains or septic tanks. No more calls to the plumber or using ocean-damaging chemicals to unclog stubborn pipes – simply flush them away and they’re gone for good!

4. Helps conserve water

Growing sugarcane requires a lot less water than growing trees. When you use sugarcane-based toilet rolls, you’re actually helping conserve water without even realising it!

Think about all those places where water is scarce or needs to be managed more sustainably. By choosing sugarcane toilet paper, you’re indirectly reducing the demand for water in the manufacturing process, helping both humans and wildlife thrive.

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5. Proves your business’s commitment to sustainability

According to a 2017 study, 87% of consumers have a more positive image of a company that champions social or environmental issues. By embracing sustainable practices, you can set your business apart from competitors and attract environmentally conscientious customers.

It may seem like a small thing, but switching to sugarcane toilet rolls can make a big impact on how your customers perceive your business. Imagine yourself as a client visiting your business premises – if you enter the bathroom and find it stocked with sustainable loo rolls, wouldn’t you view that business as one that cares a lot about sustainability?

Shop eco-friendly sugarcane toilet rolls with Sweet Cheeks

Now that we’ve got to the bottom of all the eco benefits of using sugarcane toilet rolls at your business, do you think you’re ready to make the switch? We’ve got a ton of different options for you to check out, so take a look through our range and see which kind you fancy the most!

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