Whether you’re in the business of renting out portaloos, setting up festival facilities, or running a campground, the type of toilet paper you choose actually makes a bigger difference than you’d think.

On top of the upfront costs; it seriously impacts how much waste your business generates and the overall condition of your loos – it’s the difference between having clean, hassle-free bathrooms and a horror show of overflowing toilets and hours spent on unclogging duty. That’s why choosing toilet paper that’s easy on your plumbing, your budget, and the environment is so important.

Here at Sweet Cheeks, we’re all about helping you make your business the best it can be. Keep on reading to find out why our sugarcane toilet rolls are the ultimate top pick for your portaloos!

Inside portable toilet

1. Skip the blockages

You probably know about the tank under the toilet seat in a portaloo, where all the waste and toilet paper end up. You probably also know how easy it is for that tank to get blocked. The flush, if it’s even there, is nowhere near as good as your regular home toilet, and the pipes are a lot thinner. This makes getting toilet paper down the drain a struggle.

Not only do clogged drains give people a seriously nasty bathroom story, but it also means someone will have to keep unblocking them day in and day out. Not ideal!

The good news? Our sugarcane toilet paper rolls are changing the game. Unlike the regular wood-pulp rolls that take around 19 seconds to disappear, ours vanish in just 4 seconds. So, no matter how much those loos are used, the chances of them getting clogged are way lower!

2. Keep your budget low

Toilet paper disappears fast in portable restrooms. With hundreds of people using these facilities daily, and many using paper to create a barrier on the seats, keeping up with the demand can be quite a challenge – unless you choose Sweet Cheeks’ extra-long toilet paper!

Our 2-ply and 3-ply rolls are designed to be twice the length of other brands, offering an impressive 400 sheets instead of the usual 200. This means fewer trips to restock, which not only keeps more money in your wallet but also frees you from the constant hassle of changing rolls. It’s a win-win!

Portaloo toilet cubicle
Green portable toilet block

3. Improve your business’s green cred

Sustainability is something that’s on everyone’s minds nowadays, with more and more people caring about how the businesses they use affect the planet. If you want to demonstrate your green cred and attract eco-conscious customers, swapping out regular wood-pulp paper with a sustainable alternative is the way to go – and that’s where Sweet Cheeks comes in!

Our toilet rolls are made from sugarcane, which grows super fast, needs less water, and doesn’t contribute to deforestation when harvested. Even better, the fibres we use are a byproduct of the sugar processing industry, which means they would have otherwise gone to landfill. This makes our loo rolls even more sustainable than bamboo! Oh, and we’re kicking plastic to the curb too – no plastic wrappers here.

Give your portaloos the best of the best with Sweet Cheeks’ sugarcane toilet rolls

Now that you’ve had a read through, we hope you’re just as excited as we are about the awesomeness of our sugarcane toilet rolls. Now it’s time to kick your business game up a notch by making the switch!

At Sweet Cheeks, our goal is to help you maximise the money-making potential of your business while shrinking its costs. Our paper is not only super soft and strong, but it’s also totally biodegradable, free from any nasty stuff, and incredibly eco-friendly. It’ll keep your pipes and your customers happy without draining your wallet.

Whether you’re setting up portaloos for a massive music festival or taking care of bathrooms at a quiet campground, you can count on Sweet Cheeks to make your facilities the absolute best. Go ahead and check out our full range today!

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